These might be Google’s Upcoming Nexus-Branded Android Wear Smartwatches


We  have had doubts about the commitment of Google with its Nexus family of products, devices that develop hand from another manufacturer but they themselves are responsible for supporting the line to follow according to Google.

While we know that there will be two mobile confirmed this year by the Nexus program, with HTC as its developer and manufacturer, is also true that we heard two separate rumors about a possible motive exclusively developed by Google, a “Pixel Phone”.

Anyway, I believe this latest rumor lost its relevance with the news that reached us at dawn, is that according to the website Android Police, whose level of confidence in their sources is usually very accurate, Google and other partner for the moment unknown plan to launch two Android Wear smart watches with the Android operating system for wearables.

These would be their first names, but of course will not be definitive. We would find the first devices to reach the Nexus program within the world of wearables, where Google has sought to improve Android Wear noise but never committed to be themselves who also delve into the hardware. It seems to have changed his mind, and the image that you can see just above refers to the recreation of Android Police serving everything their source told them.

We would see two different clocks in size, meaning thereby that we might see a “Pro” Angelfish, a model that also would have two extra buttons of what their functions are unknown. Although it is also recognized that, aesthetically, this larger model will also be wider.

Nexus Wear SmartWatch

Another new feature that we can see by this picture is that Google has been developing a new watch-face, ie, a new “wallpaper” very focused on giving the user a lot of data around the display lights with up to 8 different data as we see in the larger model.

By the time other data like the screen, dimensions or even the manufacturer will be responsible for giving life are unknown, but for a server is a pleasant surprise to see how Google does not allow manufacturers to sleep on our laurels in a niche products which, for the moment, is not assuming the vast and rapid adoption that many predicted, and where the utility and its price appear the main obstacles to overcome.

(Source: Android Police)

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