Nexus Top printed throughout the magic of Photoshop


In case you are severely in Nexus Prime , then you are probably aware, Samsung has launched a small teaser earlier this week we put the story of your mouth water. A nice video in which it was not much, but let us still guessing a slice of this highly anticipated mobile. Well just imagine a little clever idea was to spend in the video images taken through the sieve with Photoshop .


 Although he managed to accomplish a miracle and you will be able to explore a little further down a sharp picture of the next Google Phone.

And the result is final. Contrary to what was thought, the teaser Samsung did not put forward the top of Nexus Prime but one of its lateral edges. Which? Good question, guys PocketNow think it is the left edge but I'm not completely convinced. Indeed, if they say true, then it would mean that the power button would fall down …. Rather odd, usually it is either on the top of the device or on a side of the slices but up. M'enfin go in my case, I think it is the right edge of the Nexus Prime …

What we also noticed, in this picture is the presence of what looks like three small connectors . Personally, I raised the possibility whether LED dedicated to notice but it seems that I'm still stuck on this one. Apparently, if one believes the image, these connectors will probably connect the dock to a Nexus Prime or an accessory of this type. The shape of the device is very interesting too. As the teaser evoked Samsung Nexus Prime resume the screen and the curved hull of Nexus S . On the back of the unit, there is a domed area similar to what can be found on a Galaxy S 2. As the mobile is a bit of Samsung became the signature for that matter.


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