Nexus Prime Specifications Unveiled


This doesn’t shock any individual, however most likely Google is presently engaged on a 3rd so one can change the Nexus Nexus and Nexus S. The Nexus Top is underneath that identify we realize it, could be produced with the aid of Samsung and will attain the market earlier than the tip of the 12 months. And certainly, the fellows Mobili Linija managed to get their hands
on what looks like the road map of the Korean manufacturer. 
A road map which includes no less than some of the technical specifications of Nexus Prime. And if the info is correct, then the guy could win a lot of people and you'll quickly understand why.


For indeed, according to this roadmap, the big advantage of Nexus Prime would eventually screen. A screen of 4.65 inches which is also capable of displaying a resolution of 1280 by 720 comfortable. Yes, the 720p, it's totally that. Behind, it would also have a pixel density of 315 dpi, which would place not far from 326 dpi to the iPhone 4. However, and this will certainly not likely to make some of you wince, the Nexus Prime only offered a tiny 5-megapixel sensor. This is even stranger than the norm rather than running around 8 megapixels. Finally, this document also tells us that this mobile is known under the reference Samsung i9250 . Super. Of course, the Nexus will run on premi
Ice Cream Sandwich but it really is not news.

Of course, this roadmap is not only dedicated to Nexus Prime. No, with this document, we also learn many things about the next terminal of the firm. A second mobile would be expected by the firm. A mobile offering nothing less than a 5.29 inch screen . Here, certainly, is approached more and more of the tablet. The latter featured a dual-core processor running at 1.4 Ghz and 8 megapixel sensor on top of that. Instead, opt for a Samsung instead of Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwich. Note finally that this could be called mobile … Samsung Q .

And of course, the Wave 3 is the game. A Wave 3 which proposed a Super AMOLED display and a 4-inch 5-megapixel sensor behind. Obviously, the latter in turn BADA, which is not surprising since it applies to its predecessors.

However, you need to know is that Ice Cream Sandwich expected to land in September. And if so, then Google could unveil the Nexus Prime in stride. Just to counter Apple's history, iOS 5 and, perhaps, the iPhone 5. Once again, therefore, the end of the year is likely to be well supplied. Will therefore be necessary that I think of history taking vitamins to prepare the stuff, huh …

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