The runaway rumor nowadays, what with is within the upcoming iPhone and its specificities.As we instructed you the day before today, the successor to Apple's iPhone four: iPhone, 5, or "4S", may England out in November. T3 is the web page that takes this "knowledge" from a neighborhood vendor. The information is, in fact, excited by the tongs and all toolboxes instances. Anyway, as of late our colleagues Business insider report, this time, many analysts believe that Bernstein's smartphone is not equipped with the famous NFC chip.


According to them, Apple would not equip its smartphone technology such as that there is no established standard. Wholesale: Apple does not wish to teething problems in the field. The iPhone and its impressive success would have allowed an even faster development of this technology in France (the United States and Europe are far behind in this niche, in contrast to Asian countries such as Japan and Korea).

Although Google has built the NFC in its Nexus S, then Apple would wait at least 2012 before adopting the technology, according to the famous analysts. In the same way that Apple had chosen to skip the first 3G iPhone, the Cupertino company would prefer to wait until the technology reaches sufficient maturity to offer its own vision. Apple has often been right, in fact, expect technology to be ripe or a standard is emerging with the adoption, even wipe harsh criticism.

The WWDC 2011  will surely be an opportunity to get rid of much rumor …

NFC and RFID: the same

Many of you ask what is the difference between the standard RFID and NFC standard. They are:

  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification):


Principle : small adhesive labels containing a microchip, can interact with radio frequencies.These "RFID tags" can be attached to or embedded in objects or products (or even implanted in living organisms). With stimulation, the information contained in the chip is then transmitted to a transceiver. This identification technology can be used to identify objects or even people (the chip is then contained in the passport).

  • NFC Near Field Communication):

More widespread, the NFC technology uses a radio to very short range, derived from RFID service is known as "contactless mobile." NFC-enabled phones will dramatically simplify our lives: access to services is simpler, more need to collect travel cards, credit or loyalty, everything is valid with your phone. A mobile NFC can therefore afford to pay for purchases, validating his ticket or even view the information contained in a poster advertising "smart."


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