Nike FuelBand iWatch concept featuring iOS 7 style


iWatch_concept_BIG_thomasbogner (1)

It is believed that in the near future, Apple may release a branded smart watch called iWatch, the brand has already been registered in several countries. What is this device? Designer Thomas Bogner with the nickname after a week of testing FuelBand, he has developed the concept of electronic watches Apple, inspired sports bracelet from the company Nike.

The main iWatch “trick”, in addition to the ergonomic shape – curved touchscreen . It is running a modified version of iOS 7 with a few standard applications : player, instant messenger , email , client, Nike + , and others. Switch between sections can interface with the ” swipe “. Thus, the ” swipe left ” with a central screen with a clock opening controls the music with buttons , title and other elements and flick right – four application icons .

The clock is preset personal assistant Siri, so you can interact with them using conventional voice commands. As planned by Thomas Bogner , iWatch tracks the behavior of the owner and passes this information on your iPhone or iPad. How close to the real product concept was Thomas , time will tell . The designer hopes that the “smart” watch Apple will look that way .

Note that according to preliminary information, actively discussed in the iWatch will be able to manage the network of high-tech systems at home, adjusting the temperature , lighting , ventilation , audio and video devices . Such details could find analysts of Cantor Fitzgerald, who claim to have access to the company’s suppliers . According to them , the new “Apple” gadget will provide capabilities that go beyond the traditionally known functional smart hours. [via 9to5Mac]

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