Nike is working on a fitness apps for iWatch


iwatch apps nike-fuelbandAs we know, Nike refuses production of “smart” fitness bracelet FuelBand. The most likely reason for this decision , according to Cnet, is the issue of portable gadget from Apple, which will take place in 2014.

Among Nike confirmed that began firing employees from the team that deals with sports digital technology. The company also refused to release scheduled for the fall thinner version FuelBand.

Experts believe that Nike suspends development of its own projects of electronic devices to participate in the creation of a wearable computer Apple. In particular , the company can focus on developing software for “smart” hours iWatch.

Orientation future applications Nike primarily on “apple” device can be explained by the fact that the board of directors of the company includes Apple CEO Tim Cook ( he joined the management Nike in 2005) , as well as existing bonds companies. Applications for athletes can be created for other platforms.

According to unofficial data , smart Watch Apple will run on the new operating system iOS 8 and they will focus on fitness functions, such as recording the distance traveled and calories burned. Thus , Nike can leave behind the creation of Apple hardware and herself to focus on creating software.

Apple imposes on “smart” iWatch watch high hopes. In February 2014 the network has information that iWatch will focus on fitness and health care to the user. Gadget will collect information about the activity of the owner and vital signs , including the number of steps and calories burned , blood pressure, heart rhythm.

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