Nintendo 3DS Price to Drop in August for $169


Nintendo has introduced a drastic discount of the promoting worth its handheld Nintendo 3DS, less than six months after its release. handheld console from Nintendo is not selling very well (less than 900,000 units since its release) and Nintendo obliged to revise its prices downward, from $249 to $169.


This is called playing double or nothing for Nintendo.  It must be said that the traditional handhelds are increasingly undermined by the smartphone and iPod touch"  Double Down "because if the price of the console down a lot, the games will remain on the other hand, the same price, which is still expensive compared to those on the AppStor

In Japan, Nintendo 3DS increase from 25,000 yen to 15,000 yen (225 to 135 euros) from

 August 11. The United States will see a similar price cut, $249 to $ 169, from August 12.

The same day, Nintendo 3DS will also be less expensive in Europe, but the exact price has not been sent. The experts expect 170 euros , because as usual it is the Europeans who will pay still more, the fault and the Euro exchange rates this time.

Those who purchased Nintendo 3DS high price will be offered unesélection Nes games and Game Boy Advance to download to their handheld console as compensation. 2D games 3D for a console … yay! It is said that retrogaming fact that many followers said …

Still, the bad sales figures are mainly attributed to a sale price deemed excessive (250 euros in Europe), and a lack of games flagship. Apart from Zelda … If we look more closely, the problems began at Nintendo since the democratization of mobile devices from Apple (iPod touch, iPhone, iPad), breaking the monopoly of the video game.

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