Nintendo officially unveiled its first iPhone game, the title will be called Miitomo and will be available on the App Store in March 2016.

During a press conference a few days ago in Japan, Nintendo unveiled Miitomo first five games for mobile devices that will be released from March 2016 to March 2017.


The game will be free and can be downloaded for free with the addition of elements then purchased later. Miitomo will allow users to create their own Mii (in practice, avatars) that can communicate with each other in a virtual world made up of the Miis created by other people. Although it does not sound like a game, but rather a sort of coma messaging app, Nintendo says that this approach “will encourage people to talk and share their feelings.”

Like most games available on the App Store, Nintendo gets into the car of in-app purchases within the application, so this game will be available for download completely free for download. In Miitomo users can create their own avatars, known as Mii to communicate with other users. The communication between different users Miis will take place without our knowledge. This is a way to help people with relationship problems and disclose their friends that they did not know. According to the explanations of Nintendo, Miitomo is rather an application that is not a game.

Miitomo-3Nintendo’s intention was to launch before the end of the first year of the five games they have scheduled until the end of 2016, but the company has decided to wait until spring 2016 to start offering games in different app stores. They claim in Nintendo, all games that are preparing for smartphones will not be with in-app purchases but to enjoy some have to checkout. Hopefully the next launch Nintendo games are not like Miitomo because good does not seem to have much appeal.

Miitomo will be available from March 2016, then in the summer you should get a real game Nintendo weblog. (Via: WSJ, Source: Nintendo)

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