Mari oKart Tour For iPhone And AndroidIt seems that Nintendo’s commitment to mobile platforms is serious and has just announced the launch of a version of Mario Kart for mobile devices. MarioKart Tour will be the name of this new game from the Japanese company that will not arrive until 2019.

With the announcement of this game there will be three “real” games that Nintendo will have for mobile devices, adding to the already existing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Mario Run. A much awaited news for the millions of fans of the company around the world who can enjoy one of the most famous games of Nintendo on your iPhone and iPad.

It seems that Nintendo has finally decided to bet heavily on mobile devices. With its new console, Nintendo Switch, turned into a sales and critical success, Nintendo seems to have realized that the bet must be made on platforms that can be taken anywhere, and that devices such as the iPhone or iPad they are the perfect complement to attract more users for your video game platform.

The beginnings of Nintendo in video games for mobile platforms have been somewhat erratic, with a Mario Run that received much criticism for its game system, too simple for lovers of the character who expected a game “really” and not a simple ” endless runner “, and with other releases that have been a resounding failure as the Miitomo game that Nintendo has already announced its closure. With Mario Kart we hope that Nintendo has learned from the mistakes of the past and offers us a game really at the level that its users deserve. We do not know the exact date of the launch, but it will be for before the end of March 2019.

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