Nintendo fears more Apple than Microsoft


Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of The usa president, seems to be modeled on his speech the CEO of the Eastern guardian firm. Satoru Iwata had for this reason declared in 2008 that the iPhone was once no longer a possibility to him, insofar because the Nintendo DS and Apple smarphone aimed toward completely different audiences  . Similar story of Reggie Fils-Aime in April 2010, including that Apple had no affect on the result of Nintendo .

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 But it will suffice as Satoru Iwata said the next month Apple will be a competitor to watch  , for its U.S. also revises his opinion: In an interview with Forbes, head of the American branch said he believes thatApple will do more harm to Nintendo than Microsoft in the short term.

This shift is probably related to Nintendo's financial results for the less worrying since the Japanese firm announced losses of $ 290 million last July.

But Nintendo thinks it has a card to play on the field of content: if the App Store can provide entertainment on the go, the catalog of Nintendo has a longer lifespan, Fils-Aime says spending some 150 hours on Dragon Quest (a popular role-playing game whose graphics were designed by Akira Toryiama, the creator of the equally famous Dragon Ball series).

 Fourteen of the twenty best selling video games on the current generation of consoles come from Nintendo.

The App Store also receives prestigious licenses, but it is the opportunity which the thief takes your iPhone is everywhere, not the Nintendo DS. Son-Aime admits that it is a battle on the time consumers: "I'm in competition with Zynga [Editor's Note: the creators of Farmville], I'm competing with the Internet surfing, I'm in competition with newspapers. "

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