Nintendo seem to think this new technologies are not very clear, at least according to the movements they have made in recent years. The Japanese have not wanted to know anything about smartphones and their games until relatively recently, releasing versions of the best-known games of its platform, nothing of the original approach of game, which have had relative success among the general public.

Currently the latest console that has launched, the Nintendo Switch does not offer any option for players to communicate with each other, something that natively offers both Microsoft comfortable Sony and greatly facilitates communication. Fortunately Nintendo wants to take the first step to solve this communication problem even if it is not in the most appropriate way possible.


The Japanese company has announced the launch for next July 21 of Nintendo Switch Online, an application that will allow players to communicate through the smartphone, to see scores, invite friends, create teams, view positions and even make voice communications . This release will be handled by the game Splatoon 2, a third person shooter where if we want to play with other people we will need if or if we communicate in some way, hence Nintendo launches both the game and the application together.

Anyway it seems, as some rumors suggest that this application is a test while developing an online communication system integrated into the console, as doing so in this way is a nonsense fudge that forces you to be with two devices at all times When you want to play these kinds of games. Last month Nintendo introduced its online store and gaming mode, a more economical mode than we can find on rival platforms such as Microsoft and Sony and priced at $20 per year.

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