Nintendo’s Miitomo first app designed for iOS devices Avaialble in the US App Store



If you were waiting to create and play with Nintendo Mii, your waiting time is over: Nintendo today launched Miitomo in the US. App Store and 14 other countries. Now, you can create avatars and play Miitomo.

Given that from the moment it became available in Japan, where the Nintendo headquarters is located, and the second round of countries have only been two weeks (in Japan it will available starting March 16), it is likely that Miitomo available in more countries in the coming weeks, although Nintendo has not yet announced the launch in new countries.

Recall that Miitomo is a kind of social game where users have to create our avatars, characters who are called Mii to relate with other  Mii’s. As we playing, we’ll earn points that we can redeem for consoles, games, themes for games and other Nintendo related articles, all thanks to the loyalty program My Nintendo. If you test by downloading it from a different country to Japan, do not hesitate to comment confirming if this loyalty program is also available in other countries.

Indeed, it is not the game but at least expect forward by Nintendo . The company could have released a version of a Mario or Zelda, even with a simple port, and all had applauded the ears. But, Nintendo does not like easy ways.

Download Miitomo in the App Store.

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