The first Nintendo Miitomo game exclusively on mobile platforms, including Apple iOS devices is coming. Miitomo does not have a definite release date, but according to AppleInsider,  a confirmation of the pre-registration process to the game will be activated on February 17. The release in the App Store will definitely be this March.

Unfortunately, although the curiosity around the product is still high, Miitomo will not be a real game, as the classic Super Mario, so to speak. It is mostly a “social experience” based on present Mii avatars on Nintendo. Users will be asked to learn more about each other, posting and answering questions. The application should also support Mii photos sharing, as well as reward program links. In short, it looks like a real experiment rather than a video game title in effect.

However, while the title will be released in March, from next February 17 will be able to pre-register by creating an account Nintendo via e-mail, your social network accounts or using a pre existing Nintendo Network ID. Obviously, the registration will be mandatory to use Miitomo.

To enjoy a real Super Mario on the iPhone, you have to wait several months, if not years: Miitomo, however, is only the first step that will crown the entry of Nintendo at full capacity in the App Store between now and 2017, five titles will be released in the App Store. Among these, as reported, the second will star a character extremely well-known in the universe Nintendo: Mario is one of the most eligible candidates.

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