Nito Installer for Windows makes it easy to install XBMC on Apple TV 2G


nito-1Second generation Apple TV users have an easy way to install XBMC  application on a jailbroken device. Today developer Kevin Bradley has released version of the utility Nito Installer for computers based on Windows.

PC users have been deprived of an easy solution for installing third party software on the Apple TV. Jailbreak for “apple” set-top box is simple, but in order to download the new software on it, had to resort to using SSH and terminal commands tricky. Nito Installer release applications for Windows has solved this problem. Previously, the application was only available in a version for the Mac.

Now the owners of Windows-based PCs only need to download the free app Nito Installer, set-top box to connect to your computer hacked and click «Install XBMC» or «nitoTV» in the main window. The application also allows you to download third-party plugins for XBMC, and perform custom SSH-team.

If you want to jailbreak Apple TV 2G, you can use the application  Seas0nPass . Seas0nPass – standard utility, which together with  Pwnagetool  and  Redsn0w  allows you to crack “Fruit” second-generation set-top box. You can use it to create custom firmware for Apple TV and set to the device a couple of clicks on the remote.

For detailed instructions on how to jailbreak untethered Apple TV using Seas0nPass you can find it following this link . Before you start the jailbreak, you must download the latest version of iTunes and get cable Micro-USB.


At present, users of third generation Apple TV, released this year, are “on hold”. As we reported earlier this week, hackers  promise to release the exploit to jailbreak is compatible with the latest version of the set top box.

Download Nito Installer for Windows [ link ]
Download Nito Installer for Mac OS X [ link ]

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