Nitrous is a brand new jailbreak tweak created through Joe Jordan offers customers the Nitro JavaScript engine to other alternative iPhone browsers. The largest group of users that will be waiting are people who have switched to Chrome browser. But this tweak is in many cases is more useful and can also use the built in browser apps like Twitter and Facebook accelerate.

Plus dozens of other web browsers for the iPhone that Apple's Nitro JavaScript engine can use. This engine allows a significant acceleration, but Apple uses it only in their own apps, like the Safari browser and iBooks.

On the Mac, the Nitro JavaScript engine is also used, with the advantage of multiple processor cores. By installing Nitrous app, you can go through the Settings on the iPhone indicate that you want to use Nitro. All browsers installed are listed, but other apps that use the WebKit browser stand in between, like the Facebook app. The difference is approximately a factor of 3, according to benchmark t
ests conducted. Chrome gets in V8 Benchmark Suite a score of 96 without Nitrous and 347 with Nitrous. It performs just slightly less than Safari itself (360) but the difference is quite noticeable.

Nitrous tweak is available to download for $0.99 in the Cydia Big Boss repo. You will obviously notice a big difference in speed. Nitrous is not only useful for your third-party browser apps, but apps like Tweetbot.


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