No Antenna Lines in iPhone 7 (Confirmed)


antenna-linesAs the Apple keynote about mainly the iPhone 7 presentation is getting close, there a lot of rumors that have to do with what the next Apple terminal. However, as I always recommend from our blog, most of the information must be taken with tongs to avoid disappointment lead. As we approach the day of the presentation, these rumors become confirmed information from different sources, and precisely for that reason have more validity. Today we want to tell you that seems already confirmed by a design change in the area of ​​the antenna.

Those who did not like the idea that came with the iPhone 6s with the bands of the antenna are in luck. In fact, there are many sources that give it for confirmed, and it is precisely why we can assume that the new iPhone 7 and to not bring. In return, Apple bet for his design much, much more minimalist and more adjusted to the ideas of the company that had been forgotten in the latest versions of the terminal.

Although we have seen some renderings of the iPhone terminal 7 in which it is made clear that perhaps things do not change much as many expect, other sources other than major external changes are expected. Of course, no one expect the iPhone 7 will resemble the iPhone 8 as concept we showed you a few days ago. The main thesis rather point to a general redesign that void those lines and will also highlight the importance of the camera. And we are not referring to their improvement, but the role it will play in that game designs.

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