No Autopsy Wanted By Brittany Murphy’s Husband



Accusations of both possible drug abuse and an eating disorder linked to it dogged Brittany Murphy through parts of her career. Under ordinary circumstances, a 32-year-old woman dying of a cardiac arrest would be a mystery, and most would want an autopsy.

It appears that Simon Monjack will not get his wish, however. As is the case with a death under suspicious circumstances, as would be the death by heart attack of any 32-year-old woman, the LA Coroner wants to take a look, TMZ says.

Further, TMZ says that Brittany Murphy’s mother, who reportedly found Murphy unconscious in the shower, told paramedics who arrived that her daughter had a history of diabetes. It is unclear if this would be type 1 or type 2 diabetes, thoug
h type 2 is generally associated with overweight or obese people, definitely not a Murphy issue.

On the other hand, diabetes can be a factor in cardiac arrest. Once again, this is really third-hand information, but if she was a diabetic, it could be a possibility that this contributed to her death.

Still, the tabloids will linked the fact that Brittany Murphy is dead to drugs, based on the past accusations. Without an autopsy, the public may never know.



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