No iPhone 4 Recall, Apple to give away free cases & White iPhone 4 Available Late July


&#one hundred sixty;Apple will supply a complimentary shell iPhone four Bumper or every other version of screening, iPhone consumers four. Details about ordering a FREE Bumper shell or every other variation will quickly be to be had at

Among the many few shortcomings of theiPhone four, probably the most frustrating is the random loss from the community when the person holds the tool someway. Probably the most superb factor, in fact, is that each one individuals who have fallen for the final of the Apple cellphone does now not essentially meet this drawback. That stated, Steve Jobs has listened to customers and subsequently suggest a Bumper duvet free to all who request it. In distinction, no reminder can be equipped.

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Also be noted that Steve Jobs Himself acknowledged that the iPhone actually had four problems. Rather ironic, since his only response so far had been to call into question how users hold the device. However, the head honcho ofApple decided to make a step towards its customers by offering a free Bumper cover if they so request.

On a positive note, those who have already opted for this solution can reclaim their cases to Apple. And the icing on the cake is that all customers are not satisfied four of the iPhone will be reimbursed the entirety of the device within 30 days of purchase.

Taking advantage of the press conference Apple, Steve Jobs took the opportunity to announce that a new and much awaited for the release date of 4 white iPhone. As expected, it should be available at the end of July. Good news for all those who have not yet succumbed to temptation a
nd waiting to close up news about the Cupertino company.


As to know when the iPhone will be available in 4 white our national operators, it is another question. If one of you has the courage to contact the operator, would also be nice to keep us informed …

What is important to note is that the covers will be provided free to customers with an iPhone bought four before September 30. This shows several things: one, that the problem is original material, and two, we'll land a new iPhone at the end of four years.

As a direct result, when it will start investing the second hand market, a device left the factory before September 30 will be far less valuable than
others. Inconspicuously is the kind of idea that deserves reflection.

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