No iPhone 5 – But an iPhone 4S with a new design?


There are sadly numerous proof that Apple is just not going to current the iPhone 5 todyu however the iPhone 4S will offered as an alternative. We've been in a single article listed in detail the evidence for the iPhone 4S and written again a summary of the possible hardware.


 However, Apple could surprise us and present complete contrast to all expectations, the new iPhone 4S with a revamped design.This about-face would be the only explanation for the many in China have emerged protective sheaths that we have been getting tons of face.

The Chinese side MIC gadget is said to have brought in experience that the iPhone 4S will come in the form of drops speculated on the market.In a report it is explained that all known sources emanate only from an iPhone 4S, but this will get a new design.The new design was discovered in the many protective cases and shows a remarkably thin profile.


In addition, MIC has received gadget from two different manufacturers leather case covers that indicate that the manufacturers have a final prototype of the new iPhone 4S.Because the leather cases shown higher costs in production, as previously surfaced silicone and hard plastic shells, so the producers should have decisive evidence for the future design.One manufacturer has also revealed that several thousand sleeves were already shipped to the U.S. and the German dealer accessories expected in the next few days a large supply of protective sheaths.These cases are already sent, however, all previous speculations, be determined for the iPhone 5 and not for the iPhone 4S.

If these rumors really are true, we would have presented an iPhone from Apple 4S get, but that will have a completely new design.This scenario would certainly be perfect, Apple unveiled the name of the new generation iPhone and the attendees are disappointed because this is the iPhone 4S.Then, the first image shown on the iPhone and it will blow all so Apple would tear the other hand, the expectations of all consumers of the stool.

In addition, Cult of Mac reported that one case manufacturers now includes 50,000 covers for the upcoming iPhone will have produced.Again, it is a device with a teardrop-shaped design, but will have different dimensions than the previously known cases.


The following specifications are contained in shells of hard candy:

  • Large 4.44-inch display
  • It is crucial to 4 larger than the iPhone, but have a thinner profile
  • Large area and capacitive Home Button



Today at 19:00 clock we will learn more about it and Apple is finally the secret about the next generation iPhone ventilate. 

Here's a video of these leather cases:



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