Microsoft has just lately introduced the discharge of Microsoft Place of job 2013, which has, then again, primarily based handiest on Windows PC. For the Mac, it will not be the case of a new version released, Microsoft has confirmed reported The Verge. "We have not announced the next release of Office for Mac," said a Microsoft spokesman.


Currently, there are concrete information on when Office 2013 for Mac OS, but you will miss Office 2011 update function, so that Apple users can take advantage of the new cloud features. Skydrive and Office 365 to the online service that can be used easily.

Office 2013 also appears first only in versions for Windows 7 and Windows 8, can be ruled out entirely. Mac users also get the software because it is currently still the most-used Office application used on the Mac.

The new released will be available only for Windows 7 and Windows 8 in which streaming capabilities and a focus on cloud-based capabilities will be offered. Instead of a completely new version, the Mac version will bring a new service pack additional features including SkyDrive, and Office space 365 for backing up and restoring of documents. Last April, it announced a Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Office for Mac 2011, the Outlook problem has been fixed. The new service pack will be the beginning rolling in 2013 together wi
th the new Microsoft  Office.


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