low cost iPhone

Apple may just introduce the budget iPhone 5C along with the iPhone 5S smartphone on September 10. Analyst from Piper Jaffray firm Gene Munster, in a note to investors wrote that Apple plans to launch iPhone with a lower price than usual, and in multi-colored blocks. He called this device iPhone 5C, where C – means “color” and the device will not receive the support of Siri voice assistant.

Currently, Apple has positioned as a budget model iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 – smart phones a year and two-year-old, which are sold for $99 and $0, respectively with a two-year contract. But this time, Apple will release a new device at a low price.

With the release of the budget Apple smartphone, the sell of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 must stop. The new model, according to Munster, is designed to replace the outdated Apple-modified device. Since the device is a cheap phone and is designed for emerging markets, as well as due to the limited hardware capabilities, Apple has decided to leave the model without the support of Siri, the analyst says. It is assumed that the voice assistant will appear only in the next generation of budget smartphone ; iPhone 5S.


Munster insists that after September 10 in the asset Apple will have three models of smartphones: the iPhone 5S flagship, the current iPhone 5 and, finally, a more affordable iPhone 5C. The latter will sell for about $300, states Fotune. The extent of cannibalization of older fashions from the price range model can be about 25%.

The professional additionally predicts the discharge of iTV tv unless the top of the yr, however the “good” watch iWatch, consistent with him, there shall be no previous than mid-2014.

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