No Siri on Other iDevices but the iPhone 4S


All over the presentation of the iPhone 4S on the Let's Talk iPhone event there was much emphasis on Siri : the new virtual personal assistant. This new feature allows you to send your iPhone to use voice and is available exclusively for the iPhone 4S. Although it seems possible to Siri for older iDevices via a jailbreak available for use, will by technical and legal reasons, probably some time yet in coming.


Short-term technical and legal constraints

To take advantage of Siri, there are certain files that are present only in the firmware of the iPhone 4S. That in itself would not be a problem too since the firmware file of iOS 5 for the iPhone 4S is available to everyone including users of older iDevices. In principle, the necessary files this way by a jailbreak tool from the firmware file from the iPhone 4S can be extracted and further processed into a custom firmware for other iDevices. This method should be able to perform the hackers may
have the key to the file system of the iPhone 4S and they still can not get hold of.
Until then, it is not possible according to muscle nerd jailbreak tool for copyright infringement without direct Siri available for older iDevices.

Long term: Siri still hope for other iDevices 

Siri hoping eventually it can appear on older iDevices is fortunately not given. If hackers can find a bootrom exploit-4S for the iPhone, then the file can be decrypted yet. In an exclusive interview with the Chronic Dev Team p0sixninja said about him recently in discussions with other security experts have gained some good ideas for a bootrom exploit for the iPhone-4S and iPad 2 as yet to realize. iH8sn0w the hacker, who recently paid for porting to older iDevices Siri, also points to the possibility that Siri between users could be transferred from a jailbroken iPhone 4S to other iDevices.

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