After pod2g revealed and developed the Shatter exploit that allows all devices jailbreak iOS 4.1, especially those who have the new bootrom, have begun to develop tools jailbreak on the above exploit.




On the one hand we have theChronic Dev Team with the tool GreenPois0n and Dev-Team with PwnageTool. Both groups are working full time and unselfishly to launch their tools.However, no one has said anything so far about the unlock

Chronic Dev Team today announced that only fully working in the jailbreak, but not to unlock the baseband.
Those Asking about to unlock: At this time, only the jailbreak is Being Worked on, as it the team’s full Requires Attention.

The same applies to the Dev-Team, they announced that PwnageTool for IOS 4.1, presently in beta, allows you to create a customized firmware with out updating the baseband.

Neatly, it seems that the jailbreak will doublyso in case your iPhone is used with a SIM card rather than the unique cellular supplier, you might be in hassle. Can’t release the baseband of iOS four.1 


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