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First up Nokia – the cellular giants have now not handiest introduced a brand new handset this week, however we’ve additionally managed to supply some new headphones they’ve collaborated with Monster on. The handset, the Nokia Lumia 800 Sim Free is the first Nokia handset to feature Windows Mobile 7.5.  It sports a 3.7″ capacitive touchscreen and doesn’t have any menu buttons on the front of the handset.

It’s a gorgeous and bright looking handset, which has features perfect for work and play – Microsoft Office programmes for work and People Hub for play.  It also runs Internet Explorer 9 and has built in GPS settings, so you can’t get lost.  We’re going to be selling the handset for £469.95 and it’ll be available Sim Free from the 5th January.
Nokia’s latest attempt on the headphone world comes in the form of the Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headphones – Nokia teamed up with audio component manufacturer Monster for these beauties and they’re available in black, cyan, or white, costing £179.95. The headphones also double up as a hands-free kit as they allow you to control your calls through the ‘Control Talk Universal’ feature.  They’re highly portable too as they fold up to be half the size and fit comfortably in a carry case, so you won’t damage them when they’re not in use. Stylish and providing amazing sound quality, the Monster driver technologies in the headphones produce distortion free bass, clear mids and crisp highs – so you’re listening experience is both unique and highly enjoyable.
Next up I have a couple of favours to ask you 🙂  Mobile Fun have been nominated for another award (yay) – This time it’s the What Mobile Awards 2011. So my big question is would you please vote for us and get your readers too?!  We’re featured in question 12 – there’s 18 all together so it shouldn’t take very long to do the survey (took me about two minute)  .  Really appreciate you taking the time to vote for us 😀
Secondly, the men at Mobile Fun are taking part in this year’s Mo-Vember.  Mo-vember is where men only grow a moustache for the whole month of November – the guys get sponsored to do this and all the money goes to Prostate cancer charities.  It’s all for a great cause and we get to laugh at the guys looking a bit silly in the meantime.  I’m going to be blogging the goings on and the moustache growth during November – so any publicity you could give to the charity and us participating in it would really be appreciated 🙂
Over at Gaming Zap they’re gearing up for the release of Mario Kart 7 at the start of December with the Mario Kart Crystal Armour 3DS Case Kit, the Mario Kart Universal DS Hard Case Kit and finally the Mario Kart 3DS Pouch Kit – all the kits come with a Mario themed stylus and are designed to keep the Mario Kart fun going even after you’ve put the game down.  The Pouch are Hard Case Kit will fit any DS model, whereas the Armour Case Kit is solely for the 3DS – so there’s a Mario Kart case available for every DS!  The cases range between £12.95 a
nd £14.99.
Mario kart
Another huge game, GamingZap are preparing for is Final Fantasy 13 – 2, which is due out next February.  They’ve sourced a PS3 skin for the game which features one of the main characters Lightning.  The faceplate skin adds a unique touch to your PS3 and really gets your prepared for the release of the monster game.  Using the Final Fantasy 13 – 2 Faceplate Skin adds an extra layer of protection to your PS3 and even has UV Resistance, so the colours remain vibrant for longer.  It’s a great accessory for fans of the gaming series and at under £20 it’s a bit of a bargain!
Final fantasy


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