Treasure-Tag-1Nokia has announced a “smart” Keychain Treasure Tag. It attaches to valuable objects, such as a keychain , purse or wallet , and displays a warning if they are forgotten somewhere . Above a certain distance between the label and the smart phone beeps .

Treasure Tag is a miniature ( three by three to one centimeter and weighing 13 grams ) keychain . It is paired with phones Lumia, on which to install a special application Nokia Treasure Tag App. Smartphone and a keychain connected to each other through NFC and Bluetooth.

Locate Treasure Tag possible by the sound or a card: the system prompts in what place was left with a fixed object label. Similarly, you can look smart and forgotten because it also publishes alerts with distance from the keychain. Leaving the house with a bag , which is attached to the label , but without the phone , the user will hear .

Treasure-TagTreasure Tag is powered by a single battery size CR2032, which should be changed approximately every six months . To one smartphone can simultaneously connect up to four remote controls .

Tags presented in four colors – white, black , yellow and blue – will go on sale in April 2014 for $ 30 apiece. Nokia does not exclude the possibility that third-party developers write applications to work with Treasure Tag for iOS devices and Android.

About Treasure Tag was first reported in the summer of 2013 , six months before the official announcement. For iPhone and iPad has released a similar device called destination Tile.

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