A few months after the open test, Nokia released a Z Launcher for Android-based devices in the Google Play Store. Previously, it was impossible to install on smartphones and tablets with root-access, you can now.

Nokia adaptive launcher, on its main page displays application icons, which he considered most appropriate at this time. As with any application that adapts to the user, the longer you work with it, so it is rather its predictions and tips. To run an application in the launcher, optionally open a list of them, enough to write the first letter of the desired. For example, to run a Twitter need to draw “T” – show all application launcher that begin with that letter. If you then draw a “W”, the list will be reduced.

Release of Z Launcher is timed to the announcement of the Nokia Android N1 tablet based on Android 5.0lollipop. This application will be installed on it by default as the default shell.

Download Z Launcher from Google Play
Download the APK-file

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