Nokia supported Samsung on the “genius” ad


Few days after the Apple smartphone used to be presented. The latest presentation of the iPhone 5 has overshadowed loud most effective of Samsung and Nokia, which could not remain indifferent to their main rival, Apple.

This weekend Samsung published print ad with a comparative list of features and functions of the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S III, designed to show how much it exceeds the Android-smartphone from Apple. Korean slogan is “It Doesn’t take a genius” which obviously has two meanings: the first is that the benefits of Galaxy S III obvious to a person not having a very sharp mind. In its second meaning, the phrase alludes to the Apple technical consultants, found in Apple Store(these employees called “genius”).

The Finnish company Nokia has decided not to stand aside in such a wonderful situation and wrote in Twitter, that Lumia 920 is equipped with wireless charging, excellent camera, stunning display, responds to touch gloves, and many others. “So, really, no need to be a genius” – Nokia agreed with Samsung.

At the same time, fans of the Finnish company could not let go the battle between Samsung and Apple. Despite the fact that the Galaxy S III and Lumia 920 specifications look a little more impressive, it does not automatically mean that the Android and Windows Phone 8 flagship is better than Apple handset. The reality is usually more complicated than the posters. Certainly, the iPhone 5 is not new, revolutionary technology, but it still remains one of the best devices on the market.

For most users, the amount of RAM is important, and the design, the presence of original applications and easy-to-use device. On these points the Apple product is a clear leader, especially given a certain sense of status, which the company has raised around its creation. As long as the Cupertino can maintain that image, its leadership in the market will be completely safe.


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