fbi-phoneAccording to CBS News, the iPhone 5c of the San Bernardino terrorist there would be no information relevant to the investigation …

After months of conflicts between the FBI and Apple, speeches of senators and prominent politicians, citizens’ protests and huge media coverage worldwide, the iPhone 5c of the San Bernardino terrorist seems to be nothing important for the investigation. In the past, many had expressed doubts about the relevance of this device, because it was an iPhone “business” given by the public company where he worked the terrorist. These iPhone were given to all employees and everyone knew that the company – the County of San Bernardino – could access some information contained on these devices. Basically, if you want to do something illegal, not use the telephone company (controlled!) To enter sensitive information …

According to CBS News, after the unlocking occurred a few days ago, the iPhone 5c of the terrorist was not discovered anything relevant to the investigation. The FBI hoped to find information about possible accomplices and instigators, but so, it seems, was not. Clearly, the federal agency never reveal what the truth is.

Meanwhile, Apple is trying in every way to find out the exploit used by hackers to help the FBI to unlock this iPhone 5c. Although the method seems not work on newer devices, for the company is important to protect all of its customers and find any software or hardware flaw. FBI and the team of hackers are not going to disclose the method used, nor is there any hope that the judges are able to require to do so. When a flaw is found by private companies, in fact, can not be disclosured for reasons of national security. The only hope for Apple is that it’s the same team of hackers to unveil the exploit used, otherwise it will be the company’s engineers to find it.

In any case, the issue is still sparking the interest of politicians, and yesterday two US senators have introduced a bill that would allow judges to force technology companies to help in every case the police during the most relevant investigations, even if the contents are encrypted. In practice, companies would be forced to timely provide the information on their products, even if the data is encrypted. The burden of providing this data remains with the company, which has to provide in any case access to such data on the order of a judge. This obligation applies only in severe cases, and not in all investigations.

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