The Chronic Wire got an internal build version of iOS in five hands, which clearly references to Nuance's dictation speech are included. They have published a series of screenshots to prove the discoveries. It is an internal version that was used prior to the announcement at WWDC, just when rumors circulated about using Nuance technology. The functions are intended for developers and Apple employees, so they can test and solve any problems. In the beta version last Monday distributed to developers, the buttons no longer present.



The screenshots show options such as Nuance's dictation "and" mic on space key ', giving the impression that Apple controls the speech recognition in the iPhone keyboard would appear. You would verbally text, which the software is converted into written text. Should not that difficul
t, because Nuance has the technology already in the house.
 In the App Store
 is already the Dragon Dictation application available, which you can record all texts.

During the WWDC were no announcements about Nuance done, but there is indeed a question of cooperation. In Mac OS X Lion include the voices of Nuance standard already in place. Apple, the technology already used in data center. That Nuance institutions in the current beta version of IOS 5 missing, you have nothing. Apple may have removed the settings because it does not work properly during the summer and they also get to work.

The well-known blogger Robert Scoble suggested, moreover, that the agreement with Nuance was not completed before the WWDC, leaving no official announcement could follow. Or maybe the news would not allow both companies under snow and they wait for a special moment to announce the partnership. Anyway, the internal build version is in any case proves that Apple has been actively engaged in the installation of voice recognition in the iOS. So Apple does something interesting about to protest when the iPhone  4S /5 will be announced.

Nuance Dragon Dictation app, as said. Below explains what you can manipulate them. Nuance, the technology also open to other developers. The software is also available for many years on the desktop.

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