Nuance Speech Recognition is shown in iOS 5 [Screenshots]


Apple plans to combine a speech acceptance expertise from Nuance in iOS 5 firmware. These nonetheless no longer yes it used to be a have a look at new screenshots to prove it. On the screenshots shows how far Apple has progressed in integrating voice into text.You click on a microphone icon next to the space bar and starts talking. Once you click the button, a pop-up microphone. You stop talking, then the app understands that he must begin the process.


The rumor, which announced the integration of Nuance in the next major upgrade of iOS is confirmed today. 9to5Mac managed to find thanks to their sources the two images below showing the existence of speech recognition in the fifth beta iOS 5. To activate it, it will push the microphone to the left of the bar "Space" and then talk. The text you have dictated and will be displayed on the screen. Thus saving time.


The voice then appears in a text field. Past screenshots revealed that Apple originally planned to hold the space bar to keep the Nuance speech recognition start. This has now changed into a special key. It has advantages and disadvantages: the function is more evident, but for people who sometimes have trouble hitting the right button (or left-handed) can be a problem. Moreover, the Spacebar on the keyboard already small even smaller. The iPhone has more space, but it seems that integration of Nuance speech technology initially only on the iPhone and iPod touch available.

The speech is in the beta version of iOS 5 and can even disappear if Apple later determines that the quality is not good enough.

Of course the interface could change between now and the final because Cupertino is currently testing the program. Program that is in testing phase. In terms of availability, the source of 9to5Mac learns that only the iPhone and iPod touch will have the new feature. To date, the beta of Nuance does therefore not on the iPad. But once iOS 5 final available, its arrival can be considered

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