Just like the keyboard Folio which supplies the looks of the iPad netbook whereas defending the Nuu Key Mini combines a case and a bodily keyboard, this time certain for the iPhone four.

Sliding QWERTY keyboard incorporates a backlight and a constructed-in battery will also be recharged with the aid of USB, and it connects to the iPhone four by way of Bluetooth.The producer additionally states that any remedy the issues of antenna of the tool.



The Nuu-key Mini is available for iPhone 4 owners, and can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth. Note that the latter communicates with the mobile phone by Apple; Bluetooth and its keys are, in addition, backlit. And if we add to this the fact that you will also correct problems with signals from the device, you feel it may be selling  like hotcakes.

So the ability to not just type quickly into an iPhone, but the ease with which it could be enabled from pocket to input and back is very short


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