While Microsoft’s  changed and is increasingly expanding, the company started introducing the Office for the iPad in 2014, after OneNote for iOS and Mac, later Office for iPhone, a few weeks after Outlook for iOS and today we have available the Preview of Office 2016 for Mac.

Therefore, Microsoft confirmed today further its commitment to cross-platform compatibility announcing the new productivity tool available for Mac company and includes updated versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook.

This Preview of Office 2016 for Mac has been developed in order to maximize the specifics of the latest equipment, trying to keep all the advantages of the suite of productivity and enabling access to all documents from anywhere and at any now, thanks to integration with the cloud.

Because development has been thinking about the Mac devices, the user interface has been designed from scratch to take advantage of features such as Retina displays and full screen view of the Mac.
Likewise, editing tools, themes and styles have also had to be renewed to optimize the user experience, to create documents with a professional format easier than ever.

Office-2016-for-Mac-1This is the tool to make and polish documents easily able to manage its design with the colors and font types and give a suitable structure through the navigation pane.


Office-2016-for-Mac-3New features in Excel, graphics, keyboard shortcuts and improved data inputs that make the user can be even more productive with this tool is. It offers a wide range of statistical functions including moving averages and exponential smoothing, as well as the possibility of cutting a large volume of data in pivot tables.

Power point

power-pointProvides the ability to make presentations more quickly and professionally with a new moderator be seen from where you can control the current slide by adding notes and even a timer, the next or previous.


outlook-2016With Outlook email management has never been easier for Mac users and also offers a view of improved and better organized conversation automatically.


onenote-2016It is the perfect tool to capture, organize and share ideas through digital notebooks and accessible from any device. Provides the ability to add labels to later find things faster with a powerful search engine that crawls and is also able to recognize text in images and writing freehand.

The final version of Office 2016 for Mac will be available throughout the summer. For more details you can visit the blog and download the new version of Office Preview for Mac.

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