Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max launched yesterday is able to increase the battery by 75%, but integrates a less powerful battery than the previous model, costing $129.

Nick Guy from The Wirecutter website has already tried the new Smart Battery Case and read the technical specifications highlighted on the label. The internal battery has a power of 1,369 mAh, both in the version for iPhone XS and in that for iPhone XS Max. The Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7 had a battery of 2365 mAh, while the model for iPhone 6s integrated a 1.877 mAh. At this point, it is also likely that the version for iPhone XR integrates the same battery of 1,369 mAh.

According to specifications shared by Apple, the new Smart Battery Case is able to increase by 75% the autonomy of the iPhone XS, 54% that of the iPhone XS Max and 47% that of the iPhone XR.

The overall size of the new housing is similar to that of the previous model, although there are new components inside to support Qi wireless charging.

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