Apple has posted on YouTube three  guided”tours” dedicated to the new Apple Watch which will arrive in some markets at the end of the month.

In the first, ” Guided Tour: Welcome”, a tour  is made of all the features offered by the new smartwatch. To enable or disable the display just a flick of the wrist. The Periphery as change the watch face and how to access via swipe up and down, the screens “Glances” and notifications.

Also shown the operation of the “Crown Digital” which allows user to zoom, scroll and adjustments of information. While still pushing accessing SIRI. Is shown, finally, the “Force Touch” display that allows you to access additional features with a long press. The second button, located underneath the Digital Crown, provides access to contacts.

The second video shows in detail the operation of the messages. When a notification simply raise his arm to read it right away. Lowering the arm is turned off the display. And ‘possible to scroll through the message through the crown and respond via voice dictation. It can answer with a emoji that can be selected via the digital crown. To send a new message must go in the app dedicated and hold your finger to access the composition.

The third video shows in detail how to change and customize the watch faces. They have several. To access the selection must hold your finger on the display. After choosing a favorite you can customize some through a special button. Besides the colors, you can also choose the “complications” that must be shown.

The ultmo video, finally, shows the operation of the “Digital touch” that allows you to exchange “drawings” with their contacts.

Recall that Apple Watch will arrive in international markets on April 24 via a pre-order and test in-store as of April 10. The first tranche of countries interested in marketing include Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, UK and USA.

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