The day past, the developer neighborhood has CyanogenMod via Twitter the new version of CyanogenMod officially released.The version 7.1.0 includes Android 2.3.7 supports many more devices than the last release of CyanogenMod.


The largest expansion of devices from Sony Ericsson, because they have let the developers get 20 devices in order for these devices as they can create a "stable" version.This is also the reason why is now supports all current Sony Ericsson devices in CyanogenMod 7.1.0.

To install this custom ROMs of the ROM is used managers, however, the ROM directly to the developers site to download.Then the ROM must be played by a quite complicated way on your cell phone.For this we will soon create some tutorials to help you through this process and also to respond to emerging issues.Of course we can not offer support for each device, but only for equipment that we use to test itself can be anything.

Unfortunately, this version is only for many devices as a beta version available, such Beipsiel for  LG Optimus 3D.These updates will, however, before it goes to the development of the new version 9.0, will be offered.

For many devices, there is the 7.1 release as " Unofficial ports "unless your machine should be supported directly, it could be in this list.A good example is the current version is already legendary for the HTC HD2 available.

The custom ROM based on Android CyanogenMod is independently developed by Google.The developers of the software have made it their goal to make smart phones with Android OS more stable and to improve their performance.


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