The previous day&#one hundred sixty;there were leaked screenshots and today it is officially launched: Facebook App Center . The social network now allows iPhone recommended apps with Facebook link. App Center is on the left sidebar to see if you have Facebook in your desktop browser visit. In the mobile version of the App Center app is also shown. You get personal recommendations based on your interests.

To download an app, click on the provided link, and you will be redirected to the App Store. Actually Facebook App Center is not a shop, it's more a list of recommendations, which you purchase the apps still have to do with Apple.

In Facebook App Center can find apps like Pint Rest and Nike + GPS and games as Draw Something Jetpack and Joyride. You can see what apps your friends use. With "Send to Mobile' button you interesting apps to your mobile phone send (iPhone or Android). Each app has scr
eenshots and a description, so you have more information available before you install.
According to Facebook apps are all of high quality. A rather boring movie explains how it works:




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