Reputable Flickr software to be had on Android


Excellent information for many who robotically use Flickr to retailer their gorgeous footage, Yahoo&#one hundred sixty;has ultimately launched the fingers of … the place they had been and the agency has launched&#one hundred sixty;a proper software on Google Android&#one hundred sixty;!&#a hundred and sixty;Neatly, it used to be just a little two or three years that they had been ready nevertheless it's a excellent factor because you'll have the ability to do many issues with it.

Stored on&#a hundred and sixty;Flickr&#one hundred sixty;photographs concerned with your cellular and share them on always in social networks can in fact set the entire privateness settings of your option.


And inevitably, Flickr is available free on the Market , eh. Everyone suspected it but it's well to note. Especially since this application is complete and very frankly you can make most things it is already possible with the web service. Things like:

  • Take high resolution photos with your mobile phone.
  • Apply creative filters on your photos (Instagram's style) .
  • Share these photos on the service.
  • Share these pictures (yet) on Facebook, Twitter or email.
  • View all comments published on your photos.
  • Visualize the activity of other members around your creation.
  • Access multiple modes of viewing photos.
  • Organize your photos.
  • Access to community groups.
  • Use privacy settings to protect your privacy.

Not bad. However, according to the catch of the application ( for lack of androphone right now, I have not had a chance to test it "for real") , it appears that the interface is not terrible terrible . Note that I did not say "ugly" or "bad", huh, but just "not terrible terrible." It is frankly bad, especially since Yahoo has nonetheless afford to hire real graphic designers. Here, it's still a bit empty and one wonders what went through their heads. Seriously, for a bit, it would almost seem to be on BlackBerry OS …

M'enfin here. Anyway, if you have a pro account on Flickr and you never fail to train every day your spats on the service, for sure, you might enjoy this application. However, if you wait just the arrival of Instagram on Android and looking desperately for a service that can overshadow the latter in the meantime, sure, I'd love to hear from you views on the matter.


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