Google has an authentic iPhone software tonight for its translation carrier Google Translate is launched . It used to be already that you can imagine on the iPhone by means of the net HTML5 phrases, phrases and even full internet sites to translate, however now there may be additionally a local IOS utility that along with the features of the webapp in addition to a few new options with it entails.

The free app for the iPhone and iPod touch is possible to write text in 57 languages, including Dutch, to translate. Another possibility is recording a text which is then translated. This function only supports 15 languages, including Dutch. In the list of languages by means of a microphone gray indicate whether the voice-text in that language is supported. A white microphone means it is not supported. It is also for 23 la
nguages, including Dutch and English, perhaps to the translation by the application to speak.Supported languages in this case represented by a gray speaker.

The online application keeps a history of everything you've translated and it is also possible translations with the asterisk as a favorite highlight. Translated words and texts can be displayed full screen. Useful when you're traveling and the translation to someone to show. For non-Latin languages such as Chinese and Japanese, the outcome in Latin characters are displayed so you can read phonetically.The application is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch, and requires at least 3.0 iOS.All languages in which the IOS operating system, Apple offers support.

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