Official Playboy Application Released for iPhone


If you were hoping to see nud1ty in this app then you are sure to get disappointed. Apple has very strict policy against nud1ty in their App Store and that doesn’t seems to be lifted any time soon. Instead, the app focuses on other sections of their magazine which includes Interviews, Playmate intro, Preview Pictures, Cover Story, 20 Questions, Playboy advisor, Fashion and Party Jokes.

Monthly Features:
– Playboy Interview: Candid long form conversation with the world's most insightful minds
– Playboy Advisor: Advice about everything from sex to stereos and cars to cuisine
– 20 Questions: A selection fr
om the quick hitting Q&A session with today's top celebrities
– Party Jokes: Classic gags that are sure to make you the center of attention
– Celebrities Hangin' With Hef: Famous folks partying and posing with the man himself
– Fashion: Pictures of today's hottest looks with tips on how to make them work for you

Exclusive Content:
– Playmate Video: The new Centerfold comes to life in a sexy preview clip that's unavailable anywhere else!
– Free Wallpapers: Add some Playboy personality to your iPhone with free Rabbit Head wallpaper and downloadable photographs of the Playmate, designed and available exclusively for this app

Playboy on iPhone


Apart from this, there is an exclusive section of the app which gives you access to Playmate preview videos that’s unavailable anywhere else, free wallpapers of Playmates, designed and available exclusively for this app.

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