OKIDOKEYS Controls “Smart” Lock As an Alternative Home Door Keys



At the start in Las Vegas CES show in 2014 the company OpenWays Group introduced “smart” lock for the front door Okidokey, thanks to which you no longer have to worry about lost or forgotten keys.

Okidokey represents a new generation of lock , open and close that you can with a smartphone running iOS and Android. Castle is autonomous and works even if the power in the house . In case with him yet something happens , you can always open the conventional mechanical key , which comes bundled . Okidokey also responds to special bracelet , cards and RFID- tags .


The main feature of “smart” lock is that it can “teach” not only connect to a smartphone owner, but also to mobile devices of people you trust. Generally castle has a pretty flexible options that are available in a separate application in the App Store and Google Play. Communication gadgets via Bluetooth 4.0.


Also, the synchronization lock and smartphone allows you to receive push- notifications with the person’s name who has come to your home , open the lock with the program. The same notification will be sent when the door is opened mechanically , card, bracelet or RFID-tagged .

On the question of the reliability Okidokey developers responded that access to data protected by 256 – bit encryption standard AES, which represents one of the most reliable solutions. A similar system has long been used in hotels .

Castle works in conjunction with the iPhone 4s or newer , iPad 3 , iPad 4 , iPad Air, iPad mini half and Android- device, equipped with a module Bluetooth 4.0. Okidokey sales will start in late January at a price of $180 .

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