Old iOS accessories might not be compatible with the new iPhone 5


There are various signs that the brand new iPhone 5 will get a new dock connector. Accessory Manufacturers in recent days at the IFA electronics fair assume that Apple is a converter flour springs to make a transition as smooth as possible. But according to manufacturers, such converter is not the solution to all problems.

Accessories such as speakers might not be compatible with the new iPhone 5. Therefore manufacturers choose rather for wireless audio transmission via Bluetooth or AirPlay.

The problem of different connectors is however circumvented. Hardware.info stated in one of its article after talks with accessory makers at IFA. The old 30-pin connector provides analog signals through, while the new dock connector will produce digital audio and video signals. A future converter would also have to be built-in D / A converter. Future docks must also have a D / A converter to make them suitable for the old iPhone.
The old 30 pin connector Apple since 2007, probably comes with the new iPhone a smaller connector which no longer works with analog signals for transmission of audo. The new connector will probably work with digital signals.

The solution seems simple by making use of a simple adapter, but this does not therefore work. Several manufacturers of accessories to looking at it in a wireless way to remedy.

A charging station seems in the first place to go for accessories that use audio and video would probably still be working through a converter. We only know what we are sure of the new dock connector to be expected when Apple announces the new iPhone 5. This will reportedly on September 12' event.


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