The Apple Watch will goon sale next month, so several smartwatches want to make competition, but a watch company Olio might be the most straightforward to be a designer who used to work for Apple competition. The latest trend seems to be on smart watches to keep a close resemblance to traditional watches. So far, we have seen the Moto 360 Motorola, LG with LG Watch Urbane, or the Huawei Watch.

You have now entered a new competitor in the market, Olio, with its new watch Model One. If you had not heard of Olio before, do not worry, neither do we. Its CEO, Steve Jacobs, claims to have led the development areas in companies like Apple, Google, Beats by Dre, HP and Amazon, and also says it has captured talent of these companies to develop the Model One.

The Model One looks like a pretty impressive clock with a dynamic field that emphasizes the busiest parts of the day and displays information. It will come with its own cloud-based personal assistant, will control household products, and be compatible with iOS and Android.


The company has decided that the Model One is a device limited edition as only 500 units will be produced at the beginning and will cost $ 600 each. If you want to know more or to order yours, please visit their website.


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