Mobile accessory devices Olixar may have revealed iPhone 8 cases and screensavers . This new model of cases are sold on the web under the name of iPhone 8 Cases. The covers and protectors that are already pre-sold by MobileFun for users of the United States, clearly show the design of which according to them will be the next iPhone 8. Obviously there is nothing confirmed or denied by Apple itself about this And we do not think they do either. According to the media, the creation of these covers is based on the “information and schemes they have obtained through their factories and contacts.”

And this explanation may be true although the leaks can be expensive to the brand Olixar, preventing in the coming years have access to the prototypes to create their accessories due to leaks. Several representatives of cases that attend the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona explained that many manufacturers of cases / accessories have schemes with the measures and location of the components before the official presentation of the new smartphones to start production which reinforces the truthfulness Of these covers.

iPhone-8-cases-OlixarA year ago or two was filtering the case of Spigen with the iPhone, last year was with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Plus and LG G6 so it can happen smoothly. We may or may not believe that these are really the new iPhone 8, whether or not the “10th Anniversary Special Edition”, the iPhone 7s or 7s Plus etc, but what if it seems clear is that the design coincides too many times in these leaks and it is almost confirmed that a model of iPhone 2017 might look like that.

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