One in three iOS devices is running on iOS 5


It’s tough to measure the success of iOS 5 back: the launch of the new OS created server problems at Apple and caused massive amounts of Internet traffic in England among others. Localytics Analysts Office has found that IOS 5 now on 1 of the 3 iOS devices installed. Especially iPhone 4 and iPad 2 owners have been working with iOS 5.



Localytics compared the use of iOS with that of October 17 October 12, the day that IOS was released in May. This they saw how many people in the meantime been upgraded to iOS 5. The results have been summarized in the following bar graph. 36 percent of the iPad 2 owners installed iOS 5, the highest number in the chart. The iPhone is 4 percent below this one. iOS 5 will find a lot less to the fourth generation iPod Touch: only 17 percent made ​​use of the update.

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