One Third of iPhone Users Think They Use 4G


Possibly Apple isn’t just the present iPhone "iPhone four" to name. American citizens are by way of naming as a minimum at a loss for words. From a Retrevo survey shows that 34% of iPhone users think they have 4G technology on their handsets. The figure 4 gives iPhone users may have a false impression that there is a 4G phone. With the iPhone 3G and 3G since the device was called to the 3G network. However, many BlackBerry and Android users to the same ailment to lead.24% of BlackBerry users think they are on Internet 4G speeds, but manufacturer RIM has no 4G device on the market.


With the Android users is 29% confident that they have a 4G phone. In this group, the answers more consistent with reality, because in the U.S. are the HTC EVO 4G and 4G Samsung drips already on the market. The confusion is understandable: some operators use the term 4G for HSPA + networks, while others mean by it that they have rigged an LTE network. The speeds of these networks differ. Apple, the next generation iPhone may not support LTE, HSPA +, but probably. The only question is whether the operators in Europe in that case also speak 4G.

The graph below shows the percentage already think they have a 4G phone:


Despite the high percentage of people that do already have a 4G iPhone enables them to establish eventually a large group is not much to do. 40% of current iPhone owners will buy the next generation iPhone, regardless of whether the device supports 4G.

Retrevo concludes the introduction of 4G networks could well be surrounded by confusion and skepticism. Who wants to know more read: " Confusion and Skepticism May impedance 4G Adoption .



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