One Of Windows 10 New Emoji Characters Include Middle Finger


windows-10-mid-fin-emojiMicrosoft will be the first platform software important to leave to use the middle finger emoticon.The emoji actually existed since 2014, but Apple, Google and Twitter decided to prevent its use, according to Emojipedia.

Windows 10 is expected to become a system that revolves around the Internet, and slowly begins to incorporate things that we commonly see on the net and leave them at our disposal for the best user experience. Now, to the surprise of many, it takes the turn of the emojis also reach the Microsoft system.

The new operating system from Microsoft will be the first to incorporate the emoji the middle finger because it thinks it is also a way to communicate. Some think that is something offensive and do not like to use, but is an expression that occurs in everyday life and there is another group that will be happy to have insurance and you will benefit.

Screen-Shot-2015-05-04-at-10.14.04-PM Screen-Shot-2015-05-04-at-10.14.08-PM Screen-Shot-2015-05-04-at-10.14.13-PM

emojisComo curious fact mentioned in emojipedia where new emojis of Windows 10 were announced, is that Microsoft adopt the gray as default color for their emojis, but that may change different skin tones (pale, white, brown Comfort clear, dark brown and black color), a way to adjust to a social reality.

They are minor changes to come, but those details do best user experience.

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