Microsoft has updated OneNote for the iPad, featuring finally handwriting using an electronic stylus with palm rejection . In a new version 15.7.1 it now offers a predictive text function in pictures, which for a long time Microsoft was keeping it for its own devices only. But its multiplatform made it possible fort this feature to be added in other operating systems and so last year reached Android. Well, now has come the turn the iPad and it seems to work pretty well.


The update to version 15.7.1 OneNote first time contains a text recognition or OCR feature: Who adds the OneNote notebook images containing text, the text within the image can search now. In a future update that will be possible with pictures that already were formerly in the notebook.

There is also the possibility to hide the text of certain authors – which is useful when you created collaboratively notes. In addition, the closing of the OneNote window does not now longer causes and the program will be terminated – the extent behaves the Software Mac typical. Finally, Microsoft also promises some bug fixes.

ipad office
In addition to the inclusion of handwriting, Microsoft has also implemented in OneNote for iPad its optical character recognition. This functionality can recognize text in images. For example, we can take a picture with the iPad, or have it saved on OneDrive, and the application itself recognize the text so we can work with.

The truth that this makes an interesting OneNote note-taking app. OneNote is also available free of charge for the Mac; Also, there is a also free iPhone and iPad version.

Download OneNote for iPad free in the App Store.

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