A Teaser testifying in picture and video from unannounced products rule not only Samsung, HTC and other manufacturers that have mastered this art of building tension, it is obvious that OnePlus is also playing this little game. Recently, the Chinese startup has posted a series of mysterious images that hint at a new product. One thing was not clear till now: This is neither a new tablet, nor a SmartWatch or a smartphone. The OnePlus one successor is known to be expected until the third quarter. What If the device ultimately is announced, will not be revealed. However, it suggests that there could be a game console or a controller.

The first picture prompts you to start a new game, which can be understood as a reference to a gaming device, such as a console or a controller perfectly. The red LED light, in the style of Halo, has probably indicates an infrared interface or a power button.

Although the scene looks as if the two hands holding a controller, but that is precisely not the case – the hand is empty. One can also assume that OnePlus relies on motion detection, which in turn would fit on presumed camera from the first image.

The last picture is probably the most difficult to interpret: In the comments in OnePlus blog is speculated perk of long-term exposure to motion tracking to what it is ultimately. Overall, a clear trend has yet to recognize: You probably leans too far out of the window, if one starts from a gaming device.

A separate dedicated gaming console seems to us due to the limited capacity of the manufacturer and the failure of the OUYA as unrealistic, an extension for the Smart TV to the OnePlus One example games to play on TV, but would be possible – as well as a Set-top box with game function and possibly Android TV operating system. Either way: In April, we will know more. Until then only remains to also participate in the guessing game.

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