OxygenOS is finally available. The new custom ROM for the OnePlus One is based on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop and facilities include enhanced Quick Settings and deep customization options.

The famous YouTuber Marques Brownlee – better known as MKBHD – has a hands-on video created by OygenOS that allows a detailed insight into the new ROM.

With a little bit late, actually had OxygenOS to be published at the end of March, the Chinese manufacturer OnePlus has now released the OxygenOS for the owner of the OnePlus One. The new software games, the developers at the announcement of the in-house blog, a “crucial role” in the future of OnePlus One. Be it to deliver faster updates that may offer a better integration of services and solutions goal.

Following the motto “less is more” offers OxygenOS based on Android 5.0.2 basically stock Android, which was equipped with some clever additional features. For example, the quick settings can be changed now – single toggle can be shifted in position or completely hidden. Also new is the adaptability of home and lockscreen. Some of the gestures that already were used in the original software of OnePlus One have also made their way into OxygenOS. Among them is “double-tap to wake,” with which the phone can be connected with a double touch on the display or gestures to go from off screen directly to the camera or to activate the flashlight. The possibilities for customization of the home and lockscreens also return again, just like the choice between hardware and software keys to control the device.

Top features of the OxygenOS

Anyone OxygenOS want to install on his OnePlus One, for which the company has set up an installation guide with a total of six stages in OnePlus One-Forum. It also asked for the installation of the app (APK) feedback, so developers can quickly respond to feedback problems and much more. A release date for the CyanogenMod 12S, which was also postponed, it is not yet, however.

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