OnePlus X Review: The Better device for you money



OnePlus X is already been on the market since November 5 and is suitable for all users who like the high-end specifications and an attractive design but do not want to spend a fortune. It is probably the most beautiful smartphone Chinese house than the previous two. The OnePlus X is offered in two options, black ceramic and glass (“Onyx” according to the brand). Find  out in our full review about this phone.


The processor is a bit ‘old but still manages to work well smartphone. The screen is large and offers a good brightness, the design is attractive.


OnePlus X does not come with the NFC sensor, a serious mistake because Android Pay is about to kick off in style with this cell phone is unusable. We thought it would come out directly with Android 6.0 Marshmallow but the company confirmed that it will be updated as soon as possible. OnePlus X is supposed to compete with : LG G4C , Sony Xperia M4 Aqua and Motorola Moto G 2015, without considering the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2.

Camera And Connectivity



Although there is a LTE connectivity in the USA, the OnePlus X specifications are really interesting for a $250 smartphone, featuring a Snapdragon processor 801, well 3GB of RAM and a GPU Adreno 330. On board are also 16GB of onboard memory expandable via microSD up to 128GB, a rear camera with LED flash by 13 megapixel, a front 8-megapixel snaps good selfies, you will have the possibility to use simultaneously 2 nanosim well but lost the ability to expand the memory of the device. The OnePlus X is also equipped with a 2525 mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi a / b / g / n and A-GPS. No NFC which, at present, it is mainly used for payments, but little in our country. Finally, the device uses the microUSB for charging and data exchange and not the USB Type-C as the brother OnePlus Two. Outside the U.S., you won’t be facing any connectivity issues of 4G LTE dropping



With a dual shot design, the OnePlus X is made of glass Gorilla Glass 3 on the front and back and aluminum with knurled finish in the middle. Not cover the device you hold quite well and remains firmly in the hands also because of the finish of the aluminum frame. Talking about a device really solid and well assembled but we recommend that you always use a cover: OnePlus has inserted inside the box a thin silicone cover for excellent “start” without losing the device elegance.

OnePlus X will upgrade to Android Marshmallow that allow to use external memory as a real system memory. Just like the OnePlus Two, this OnePlus X mounts OxygenOS currently based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop: in this review we tested the device updated to version 2.1.2 of OxygenOS, which is in dark mode by default.


The first feeling with the device is much more than positive, making the smartphone top of the range with 5-inch AMOLED screen FullHD with 1920 x 1080 resolution, r441 ppi, positively affects you when you first start, but if you do not like the display too contrasted probably not love the display of this device.

display-2As for the everyday use we can say that this OnePlus X behaves really well: excellent audio call, excellent management of two SIM at the same time, excellent fluidity of the system in general. No problem also with regard to web browsing through the default browser Chrome: 3GB of RAM here are being felt and will allow you to avoid continuous loads of open pages in the background. Excellent so the user experience everyday especially if you do not like too deep customizations stock Android interface.

The OnePlus X is not made for gaming: despite the excellent GPU device we found too many lag in games more complex. Probably the problem is caused by poor optimization software and therefore we hope will be resolved taken. However, if you are looking for a smartphone with whom play games, we do not recommend the OnePlus X.

When it comes to the Camera,  photos with a lot of brightness are good, but those taken in the dark are less so. You can shoot video at 1080P at 30fps only that, here too, are influenced in a positive or negative depending on the lighting conditions. However good the front camera. The photographic industry is still more than enough if you’re used to mainly share photos and videos via social media.

Another aspect that probably would have made sense to review concerns the three buttons on the body of the device: we speak of soft buttons placed immediately below the display. The OxygenOS can use them or turn them off bringing to the screen the function keys Android thing, probably, you will tend to do the reason is the lack of backlighting of these keys which, in our opinion, is really absurd. The device in the Black version, only available officially purchase in our country, the problem is particularly marked. From the photos and the video review in fact you can see how very visible and, therefore, really uncomfortable on many occasions.

It is really difficult to frame a usage profile to speak scientifically of battery life. The speech can be influenced in a negative or positive according to the receiving cell, the fact that you use or not the Wi-Fi or GPS. In general, during the test, the battery of X OnePlus there has not disappointed and we think really good. Charging time is also not too long thanks to the power supply from 5V and 2A included.

In general, thanks to the excellent management of notifications to the presence of a physical key, already talked OnePlus 2, this smartphone is really great for users looking for a solid device, handy and cheap, but who does not want to get off to too many compromises. Looking ahead, however, we will probably speak with a device that will age quickly view the hardware platform that uses, but which we hope will make it the best possible view of the great community that has always OnePlus managed to get around their products and that we hope will soon also support this device.


Buying OnePlus X is not a bad option, if you are looking for a device with an excellent quality / price ratio, which is good for the smartphone and has a great touch and feel. No but if you want a very powerful device, which has a rear camera of the first level, that allows you to play video games also particularly heavy, that board has a 64bit processor of the latest generation and thus less quickly grows old.

For $250, the OnePlus X is a really good for most users. If you are interested in purchasing the device does not have to do is join the site of OnePlus and request an invitation or take advantage of the free sale of the device that will end on November 30. Currently, on average, calls for this device are relatively easy to obtain and arrive within 2-3 weeks of the request.

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